Youth Pathways – How can you help?

It’s not only housing that’s a pressing issue in our region right now.  We also have dire workforce issues throughout the region not only in terms of not enough people in the workforce – also in terms of skill shortages.

While this may not be solved in the immediate future, there is a MASSIVE (and logical) opportunity in opening workforce pathways for young people to join our local business communities.

And while this is not easy, there are actions that we can all undertake to assist young people, their parents AND employers to ensure opportunities connect:

  • Have the conversation.  TALK to the young people you know about careers and jobs and what they entail.
  • SUPPORT the young people you know to connect with work experience, part time work, training opportunities and programs.
  • Workforce Blueprints: Information about four key industries who are prominent employers in the MNC  These can be downloaded, printed and shared online
  • School Based Traineeships (SbATs): A great opportunity for young people to experience work (paid) and stay enrolled in school.  Please note, these can be difficult to access and there are many steps involved. However, if this is an option for you as an employer or young person please don’t give up.  Get in touch with RDAMNC for further information about how to navigate the SbAT system.
  • Work experience.   While this is often the responsibility of the child or parent to arrange, if your young person is interested in doing work experience – or exploring different career pathways please make sure your careers teacher knows.
  • More information.  Year 13 has a vast range of information about different careers and work opportunities post school
  • My Future Workforce – free to register for jobseekers, students and employers.  If you want to host a work experience student you can also link here
  • Wage subsidies
  • Regional Industry Education Partnerships (RIEP) Program Connect with your RIEP officer HERE