Mid North Coast Circular Economy Report

RDAMNC, in partnership with the Mid North Coast joint Organisation (MNCJO), conducted a Mid North Coast Circular Economy research project consisting of a series of workshops and a survey. The project aimed to identify challenges and opportunities for the further development of a more circular economy across the region. There are clear economic benefits to a strong circular economy, including creating new types of jobs, supporting innovation and resource efficiency, as well as increased productivity.

In addition to the economic impacts, a strong circular economy has other significant benefits, notably in waste management, with landfill nearing capacity on all the Local Government Areas on
the Mid North Coast, and in increasing the regional capacity, resourcefulness and resilience of the Mid North Coast, especially in times of disaster.

Opportunities to further develop the Circular Economy in the Mid North Coast are vast and will be stimulated through expanded communication networks, opportunities to share information and
ideas, greater collaboration across Local Government Areas, education programs to increase community buy-in, connecting industry with investment partners and progressing existing innovative

Potential limitations and difficulties which were identified as obstacles to the expansion of a Mid North Coast circular economy include the geographic and demographic barriers of the region,
including small, isolated populations and the tyranny of distance, infrequent opportunities for networking, perceived lack of support by government, and narrow profit margins which act as a
disincentive for business.

RDAMNC looks forward to continuing this work into 2023.

The report associated with this report is now complete, and can be read here:

Mid North Coast Circular Economy Research Project (Regional Snapshot) – PDF