Soil Health & Your Wealth – presented by Graeme Sait

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During February, 20 local farmers attended the incredible 2 day course with Graeme Sait from Nutri-Tech Solutions.

Please refer to the course flyer for more information.

RDAMNC is incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to bring Graeme Sait – the CEO and Founder of Nutri-Tech Solutions – to Norfolk Island in February 2024 to work with local farmers.  NTS are world leaders in regenerative agriculture. They have developed a groundbreaking system which slashes chemical reliance, rejuvenates soil, boosts plant vitality, and elevates human health. They work with farmers to create more profitable, productive farming enterprises across the globe.  

NTS’s mission is “NTS is committed to improving profitability for farmers. Food production is the most important of all professions and farmers must be nurtured, protected and supported in every way. Farming needs to be more profitable, more sustainable and more fun and we are passionately producing education, strategies and inputs to help achieve these goals.”

A little bit about Graeme…..

Graeme is an author and educator who has published over 300 articles as well as the book Nutrition Rules!.  Graeme is recognised internationally as a specialist in soil, plant, animal and human health and wellness.  Graeme has presented for TEDx and his presentation can be viewed here.  Graeme continues to create major impact by influencing farmers, consultants, medicos, governments and key decision-makers worldwide.  Of special mention, is that Graeme and the NTS agronomy team have trained all of the growers in South Africa that supply Woolworths (Australia’s largest supermarket chain) with their “Farming for the Future” initiative. 

We encourage you to look at the Nutri-Tech Solutions website ( to learn a bit more about Graeme and NTS’s mission, it’s products and services and tune into their podcast.  

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