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With the recent cases of COVID-19 community transmission across NSW, now is a critical time for everyone to be extra vigilant to protect your family, friends and the community. Stay at home orders are now in place across all of state, including regional NSW.

You must now only leave home to:

  • Shop locally (within your local government area (LGA) or, if outside of your LGA, within 5km of your home from 12:01am Monday 16 August). You may travel beyond this area if the goods or services are not reasonably available locally
  • Only one person per household may leave home to shop each day, and browsing in shops is not allowed
  • Seek medical care (including COVID-19 testing or getting vaccinated), for an emergency or for compassionate needs
  • Exercise outdoors with one other person within your local government area or within 5km of home
  • Go to essential work or education, where you cannot work or study from home.

When leaving home for essential reasons, anyone over 18 years of age must carry photo identification with evidence of their home address, such as a NSW Photo Card or Driver Licence.

In addition:

  • Masks are mandatory in most settings inside and outside, and fines apply if you don’t wear them. You must always carry a mask with you.
  • It’s important everyone 18 years and over gets vaccinated as soon as possible. You can book by contacting your local GP, pharmacist or at
  • Financial support is available for individuals and businesses who are impacted.
  • Free mental health support is also available to support our community through these difficult times.

Importantly, remember to check in and out of locations at every opportunity, and if you have even mild symptoms, get tested immediately, self-isolate and follow the NSW Health advice.

These are critical measures to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community and everyone’s actions will make a difference. Keep up to date with the latest information at

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