Skills Audit – Highlights – Anna Thompson

Anna Thompson – Programme Manager – Ability Links MNC

What are some of the skills and attributes that are required to work in your organisation?

“We need really strong communication, we need a good imagination and creative kind of ways of approaching things, but also to be really great at bringing people onboard and engaging with people.”

“It is good to have an understanding of disability and mental illness and it is really important to also appreciate carers. Our staff have really diverse backgrounds, one was a police person, teacher and even sales, so we work with them to develop their skills”

As an organisation how do you support and educate your workforce?

“We tend to work with what we have and develop them, we do a lot of training and a lot of coaching, mentoring and lots of feedback, all the time.”

If you would like to read more about the skills audit follow the link below

MNC Skills Audit

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