Ready Set Go at the Music Station

Ready Set Go pilot program April-June 2020

What is it? Ready Set Go is a series of online workshops for young people (under 18yrs) who are interested in the music industry and currently live in the Mid North Coast and Norfolk Island.

What will happen? A series of pre-recorded workshops will be delivered via a Facebook Group and Bonus LIVE workshops will also be delivered using either Facebook or Zoom (these will be promoted via event invitations within the ReadySetGoWorkshops Facebook group.

Participants (who must be 18yrs or younger) can access the pre-recorded workshop at any time.

How much does it cost? The pilot which will run from April-June 2020 (and remain online) will be free. Your only fee is the time it takes to register (see below)

What will I need to participate? During Covid-19 all workshops will be held online. You’ll need access to an e-device and stable internet connection. Some workshops will be held on Zoom. If you’d like to attend these workshops visit this link: and download Zoom.

Is there any support for internet and devices: Unfortunately the program cannot support your technology needs. Check with your school if you require assistance in this area.

What will the workshops cover? The workshops will cover sound production, song writing, event management, singing (voice) and setting up for performance (sounds and lighting).


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