RDAs provide connection, direction and planning : Jim Hutcheon

Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast (RDAMNC) is currently calling for applications for Committee Members and Deputy Chair to join their Committee of Management.
RDAMNC reached out to Jim Hutcheon, a business operator and member of the Hastings community for over 20 years.
Mr Hutcheon spent 9 years as a committee member of both the old Area Consultative Committee and RDAMNC.
Jim shared his insights into the importance of Regional Development Australia (RDA) to the Mid North Coast (MNC) region and why there is a need for individuals with drive and vision to be part of the organisation.

Jim Hutcheon

Regional Development Australia is an opportunity for business and the community in general to genuinely connect with the direction and planning of all three levels of government for our region. Covering a wide range of policy fields: Industry policy, Service policy and Micro-Economic policy.

Today our extremely competitive economy where funding must go further, place based regional development and competitive advantage are regional Australia’s only weapon against metropolitan primacy.

It is within this model that we have the opportunity to shine as a region, we need dynamic experienced individuals who are committed to driving our region forward and the NSW Mid North Coast is well placed to welcome in the innovation of the new century; indeed, the Mid North Coast can truly be the centre of the universe in so many areas but it needs good people to drive that goal.

Supported by what is an incredibly professional and dynamic staff, backing our visionary CEO, the committee recognises and captures new opportunities as well as bringing our region together focussed on our common needs connecting us intra-regionally, nationally and to the world with our world class produce, our innovative industries, our service sector and our community, the Mid North Coast has all the elements to become a hub of innovation.

My time investment for RDA was less then a couple of hours a week for what was a genuinely rewarding community endeavour that opened opportunities to regional and nation wide networks, I can wholeheartedly recommend becoming a committee member for RDA Mid North Coast.


RDAMNC is part of a national network of 52 Regional Development Australia committees across Australia and has a charter to drive innovation, growth, and development in the Mid North Coast Region through the facilitation of regional projects, collaboration, communication, and advocacy.

Applications are now open – applicants can apply for a position as an RDAMNC Committee member or nominate for the position of Deputy Chair, with appointments being  for an initial 12 month term.

Application form click: HERE

Applications close at 5pm on May 28, 2021.


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