RDAs collaborate to provide support and workshops for the Mid Coast.

Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast (RDAMNC) and Regional Development Australia Hunter (RDA Hunter) working collaboratively will present several events for the communities of the Mid Coast Council over the coming months.

The organisations have worked together since the Mid Coast Council was formed in 2016 by the merging of the Gloucester Shire, Great Lakes and City of Greater Taree.

Prior to the merger RDAMNC included the Taree area and it continues to be in their charter whilst RDA Hunter covers the territory to the south.

Both RDAs provide an important conduit of information to the local communities, particularly during emergency events and to promote subsequent recovery support and programmes for local businesses.

Gathering information on issues pertinent to the region and sharing it with the Federal Government to aid in their understanding of what is needed on the ground.

“Collaborating with RDA Hunter is an important part of delivering our charter to the Mid North Coast” said Kerry Grace, CEO of RDAMNC.

“By working together, we can achieve more for the region and make sure that the intel that is gathered is delivered to where it can be of the most benefit”

Trevor John, CEO of RDA Hunter adds, “The RDA partnership to serve the Mid Coast Council local government area brings the dual benefits of local knowledge and a national network.  Our shared aim is to support economic development in the Mid North Coast and Hunter regions.”

Recent projects include the Local Jobs Program, which has been created to help solve employment issues caused by COVID19 which has caused an unprecedented impact on the Australian labour market.

Key to the program is Local Employment Facilitators who are currently engaging with employers and other key local stakeholders, to develop employment solutions at a local level.

Facilitators also work directly with employment services providers and training providers to develop short courses for job seekers in the region to move into the jobs identified in growth industries.

Both RDA’s will host the Mid North Coast Local Employment Facilitator, Janine Culnane at a variety of events.

The first of these events will focus on Business Managers and be held in Taree during June.

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