MNC Skills Audit

The MNC Skills Audit identifies the current and future skill sets required on the Mid North Coast with a particular focus on the skills required to manage and generate future growth in the region.

Highlighting  potential opportunities and constraints faced by employers in attracting and recruiting current/future employees to the region. Providing evidence required to develop strategies to improve and grow the skills mix in the region.

The project provides the following insights:

• An overview of current and future skill needs on the Mid North Coast
• Specify current and future skill needs of the region
• Constraints to growth and factors preventing employers from attracting employees with required skill sets
• Opportunities for growth and factors that may assist employers to attract or recruit current/future employees
• Breakdown of industry sectors, projected workforce numbers and required skill sets for next 5 to 10 years
• A baseline of evidence regarding future skill needs in order that strategies and models can be developed to meet needs
• Identify education and training needs to reduce the impact of future workforce challenges created by technological change
• Analysis of skills needs and gaps to assist employers in identifying areas of potential training and upskilling to increase efficiency, productivity and output of future and current employees
• Form a baseline of evidence to be further mapped in the Industry Mapping project (focus on construction, manufacturing, disabilities, allied health)

A copy of the MNC Skills Audit can be downloaded here [5Mb]