Mid North Coast [Connected]

Click the image to the left to view the 2016 Mid North Coast [Connected] regional investment prospectus as an interactive flipbook.OR click the link below to download the publication (PDF).


The Mid North Coast is one of Australia’s most diverse regional economies. Everyone knows this region is famous for tourism, but we think there is an untold story here. The Mid North Coast is a $12 billion regional economy. We currently have ten industries that gross more than half a billion dollars each year.

Overall, our regional economy is growing at 4.7% p.a. however, many of our key industries are showing annual growth of between 5% – 10% p.a. and some as high as 20% p.a. These industries are being backed up by unprecedented investment. In recent times around $4 billion has been invested in local infrastructure.

With the upgrade of the Pacific Highway in full swing this region is now a stone’s throw from some of Australia’s largest industrial centres and an ideal distribution point for businesses trading between Sydney and Brisbane.

By launching Mid North Coast [Connected] we want to show potential investors another side to this region: an industrial paradise of low cost land, affordable housing, ever-increasing connectivity and a highly skilled workforce. We invite you to discover a world of business opportunities right on our doorstep, all within the setting of one of the most beautiful regions in Australia.