Our Spaces film launch Port Macquarie

Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast’s (RDAMNC) Our Spaces: A short film about the sharing revolution happening in our homes was launched last week at Port Macquarie Majestic Cinemas to an enthusiastic audience. Attendees included film participants, who engaged in a Q&A session after the film, filmmaker Peter Clarke, the Hon Pat Conaghan MP, member for Cowper, Di Bannister from Lifeline Mid North Coast, and Claudia Conley from 


“Lack of access to affordable and accessible housing on the Mid North Coast is a significant issue, with far reaching social and economic effects, which is why RDAMNC has made housing one of our key priorities for 2022,” said Kieren Dell, Chair of RDAMNC and CEO of Majestic Cinemas. 


“We know there are around 81,000 spare bedrooms across the Mid North Coast, that 30% of people live alone, and that more than 12,000 private dwellings are unoccupied. We also know that 6 out of the 10 Local Government Areas under the greatest housing stress in Regional NSW are in the Mid North Coast region, with more than 10% of mortgagees reporting mortgage stress, and more than 35% of renters experiencing rental stress. We think we can use the housing resources we already have to help ease the housing crisis in our region.” 


RDAMNC have nominated Lifeline Mid Coast to receive the profits from the film launch, which came to more than $1200. RDAMNC has also partnered with as part of the Our Spaces pledge – Our Spaces proposes a very simple solution to the housing crisis on the Mid North Coast: share your house with other people.  RDAMNC is asking people across the region to TAKE THE PLEDGE and get a flatmate.  


“The housing crisis is touching all pockets of Australia and we encourage viewers to look at share accommodation as we do – as a long-term and legitimate way to live for many Australians,” said Claudia Conley, Community Manager 


“Here at RDAMNC we are passionate about empowering Mid North Coast people to work together to solve problems at a grassroots level. Government has a role to play in alleviating the housing crisis, but so do we – and one of those solutions may be sharing our homes, which could alleviate the twin problems of housing affordability and the terrible loneliness experienced by some people who live alone,” said Kerry Grace, CEO RDAMNC. 


“We are so grateful to the film participants who have shared their stories with all of us, the very talented filmmaker Peter Clarke, and our partners and Lifeline Mid Coast for their support of this project. We are also offering the opportunity for people to hold their own watch parties to spread the word and start conversations about how we can live differently and better.” 

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