Nino Ramunno – Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Returner

Nino Ramunno grew up playing football, riding skateboards, enjoying all the amazing experiences that the Mid North Coast Region has to offer a young person. Like most of us once he finished high school he packed up and headed for the big smoke. Finding employment at a major financial institution he worked his way through the ranks to become a successful stock broker and investment advisor. Recently he and his wife Bridget decided to return to the Mid North Coast with their young family to pursue a better, more relaxed existence.

Name: Nino Ramunno

Age: 44

Sex: Male

Current Location: Hyland Park 2448

Previous location: Vaucluse 2030

Why did you decide to move back to the local area?

After 25 years of living in Sydney the main focus was on my career. Both my wife and I held senior executive roles in large corporations, and our lives revolved around work commitments. We decided to start a family and once this occurred it totally changed our perspective on what is important in life. I was fortunate enough to have 12 months long service leave and we decided to do some travel prior to relocating to the Nambucca Valley for 9 months to test the waters of moving back fulltime. When the time came to return to work, we both agreed that Sydney was no longer the place we wanted to be.

When did you leave this region and why?

I relocated to Sydney when I was 19 years of age and the main driver of the decision to move was for work

What was the main motivation behind returning?

Our priorities changed once we started a family and I had always envisaged raising our children in the Nambucca Valley. In addition, we wanted to take a step back from the highly demanding and stressful nature of our careers to be in a position to spend quality time with our children and have a more balanced lifestyle.

Was it a difficult decision to make?

It wasn’t a tough decision as we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to live back in the Nambucca Valley for a period of time prior to making the decision to move “try before you buy” scenario.

When did you move back?

We moved back in September 2017

Was family a motivating factor in the move?

It was the number one motivating factor in our move back to the Nambucca Valley, having a work life balance and the opportunity to spend more time as a family. This includes extended family as the vast majority of our family live on the Mid North Coast.

Since moving back what have you enjoyed about your return to the local area?

Re-engaging with friends many who have moved away from the Nambucca Valley and have returned to raise there families as well. Also, the friends who remind in the Valley. I have started to surf again after a 20-year hiatus and feel blessed with the pristine beaches.

What have you missed from where you lived previously?

There is a lot of variety in Sydney whether it be Restaurants, Bars and Entertainment. However, the upgrades to the Pacific Highway and the expansion of flights to additional locations makes it accessible with a bit of planning.

What do you feel is lacking in the local area?

A forum where we can share the knowledge that we have obtained in our career to give back to the community.

Have you found a job, purchased a business or setup a business?

I have only started to look for jobs in the last month so my experience with this has been limited, however, the opportunity to utilise my skill set has been limited and there is a high probability that I will need to change industry to be successful in finding a role. As a backup plan we have started a Consulting business that focuses on supporting Businesses and the Not for Profit Sector.

Any final words?

Its great to be home

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