Mid North Coast Employer of Choice series

The employment and work landscape is changing rapidly across the Mid North Coast and across the globe. The Mid North Coast has swung rapidly from an area with comparatively high unemployment pre-pandemic to a much tighter employment market in 2023. This has caused a shift in the power dynamics between employers and employees, with in-demand workers having more negotiating clout. Not only has this meant that employers must consider the needs of employees more, but they are also considering segments of the workforce they may not have considered previously, such as younger workers, older workers, women, migrants, and people with a disability. 

In addition, ideas around work have also changed, with an increased desire for flexibility marked across all industries. This may take the form of working from home, blended working, flexible start and finish times, flexible rostering, reduced hours, family friendly workplaces, four-day weeks, or anything that creates a more harmonious balance between work and life. All these changes mean that employers have had to change their mindsets, in some cases quite radically, in order to attract and retain the kinds of skilled workers their businesses need.  

In this project, Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast (RDAMNC) selected and interviewed a range of small, medium and large employers from across the region who have been identified through reputation or awards as high quality employers. Their industries range from hospitality, manufacturing, health and aged care through to financial management and traffic control, and represent a cross section of employers who have identified the challenges facing them and have responded in a positive and open manner.  We hope you enjoy these interviews, and that your business can benefit from the wisdom and experience of our featured employers.


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