Luke Tutt – Aquaponics

June 2018 RDAMNC published the Smart Region Proposal (SRP) and in it we featured interviews with Innovators from across the Mid North Coast.

Over the next few months we are going to reconnect with some of these people to find out where they are now and how things have changed since our initial interview. What issues have they faced, how has Covid impacted their businesses and what are their plans as the economy slowly recovers.

For now though we are publishing some of the original interviews from the SRP and we begin with Luke Tutt – Aquaponic Farmer from Newee Creek.

Luke’s business is going from strength to strength, during Covid the demand for his produce remained strong and he has increased the amount of staff he engages.

We will be publishing an updated interview with Luke soon.

You can view the original interview – HERE

Or download the SRP – HERE


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