Louise Hardman – CEO / Founder – Plastic Collective

In June 2018 RDAMNC published the Smart Region Proposal (SRP) and in it we featured interviews with Innovators from across the Mid North Coast.
Over the next few months, we are going to endeavour to reconnect with them to find out – Where they are now? How have things changed since our initial interview? What issues they have faced? How Covid impacted their businesses? and What are their plans as the economy slowly recovers?
For now, though we are publishing some of the original interviews from the SRP and this interview is with Louise Hardman – CEO/ Founder – Plastic Collective
Louise’s business is going from strength to strength and currently has several projects running around the world with more planned.
She is travelling abroad and researching at present, but we look forward to sitting down with her when she returns.

Read the original interview – HERE

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