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Igniting opportunities in the Mid North Coast
Symposium from 3 November 2021 | online via Wingham

Ignite Mid North Coast 2021, will be held online (via) Wingham.

The event, which began in 2017, hosts a mixture of speakers and guest panelists, brings together leaders in business, community and government who live and work in the beautiful Mid North Coast.

The 2021 Ignite MNC theme enables us to rethink how we live on the Mid North Coast.

The event is packed with conversations around three sub-themes of housing, circular economy and business preparedness.

Ignite MNC is an annual RDA MNC event and this year is proudly supported by MidCoast Council.

Dress Code: We are going with an upcycled, recycled dress code for Ignite 2021, you could wear something from the past, or get creative with a whole new repurposed outfit! We can’t wait to see how creative you get….

 Thank you to our 2021 Sponsors and partners!


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Ignite MNC Tickets Available Now!

Ticket Options:

  • $85 Ignite Me Ticket: Whole Conference Pass + Conference Pack.

  •  $250 Local Champion Ticket: Access All Areas, Local Champion Promotion + Local Hamper!

  • $49 Day Passes: Want to focus your attention on one subtopic? Grab a day pass and join the conversation!

  • $500 Exhibitor Pass: Access All Areas + Exhibition booth with engagement tools + 2 Ignite Me Tickets

All tickets include access to the Exhibitor Centre, Community Space and various interactive event features & challenges.

Ignite MNC Symposium will be held in the digital world this year from the 3rd November 2021. Certain days of the program will offer an focus on each of our subtopics of Housing, Business Preparedness and Circular Economy.

In addition to the Program highlights below, the event platform offers a range of interactive activations including a Community space, Exhibition Centre challenges and more. 

Program Overview:

  • Wed 3 Nov 2021: Welcome, Introduction to Ignite MNC, Keynote address + Speed Networking Session.

  • Thurs 4 Nov 2021: HOUSING FOCUS: Discussion Panel & Round table discussions.

  • Fri 5 Nov 2021: BUSINESS PREPAREDNESS FOCUS: Discussion Panel & Round table discussions.

  • Friday Night Drinks + Speed Networking

  • Mon 8 Nov 2021: CIRCULAR ECONOMY FOCUS: Discussion Panel & Round table discussions.

Please note that while we endeavor to offer the program as stated, changes may be made without notice.

How to access the virtual event:

  1. Grab your Ignite MNC Tickets!

  2. We will email you when the event portal opens. At that time you can log in via your desktop or the Whova Mobile App, and check out the awesome features of this years virtual event. 

  3. Until then, feel free to download the event app Whova in preparation and follow along on the RDAMNC Facebook page or visit www.rdamnc.org.au/ignite for event updates!

This event is also available on the Whova Mobile App: Download Link. 

You can interact with others on your phone in the app more conveniently wherever you go!

  • Speaker Call Out – Applications are open for various program elements including speaking, live and on demand sessions. Submit your details here to be considered for the program. (Please note we may not be able to take everyone!)
  • Promote your business for free in our Digital Showbag – all you need to do is send a special offer or discount to ignitemnc@rdamnc.org.au noting the offer is for the conference kit (please remember a link or contact details for people to claim the offer!)
  • Provide a digital workshop – please email ignitemnc@rdamnc.org.au to submit your workshop idea.
  • Are you doing something great in the areas of housing, circular economy, and business preparedness? Share your story with us and you might find yourself in the Ignite MNC program!

Event Topics


Recent disasters and the onset of the COVID pandemic have found businesses large and small racing to adapt to new trading environments. Business disruption is now a common theme across all industries. How do we achieve effective Business Preparedness?


Housing is a hot topic across Australia right now and with low availability of rental stock, rising rents and house prices it’s little wonder. Recent displacements due to fire and floods have only added pressure to the housing market. What does housing of the future look like?


Creating a sustainable future is increasingly significant part of our conversations. How we work, live and invest is consistently challenged with an uprising of consumer demand to be eco friendly in our buying decisions and general behaviours. How do we make the most of the circular economy?

Event Elements

Ignite MNC Activations

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Ignite MNC Speakers

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Symposium Program

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The Ignite MNC Symposium will be back in 2021 with all things Ignite to be announced soon!

The Ignite MNC Symposium is a business and community event designed to bring together people who work, run businesses and live in the Mid North Coast.

The event is designed to inspire new thinking, vibrant conversations and to form collaborative partnerships. – aka; if you want to break the mold – to do something different – to find a tribe to support you, to make the Mid North Coast an innovative, inspiring and vibrant place to live and work.


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