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Keynote Speaker:

Warren Kennaugh:

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Image by Chris Hewgill – Warren Kennaugh

Warren is an Executive Performance Coach specialising in the development of executive and professional elite athlete performance capability. Within his role he is responsible for the assessment, development and implementation of development programs for senior executives in large blue-chip organisations, elite teams and individual professional athletes. Warren’s core capabilities include business acumen, grounding plans into action, enabling insight in others, the ability to get to the ‘seed’ of an issue and an accurate predicator of behaviours and outcomes.

Bringing the Team back – in a new complex world

Seven principles of the workplace:

1. When you want something to change in a workplace, pre-frame and pre-set agreements about what’s likely to happen in the future. Do it early and be consistent. Gain agreement upfront, be clear and specific, be and ask for consistency and commitment.

2. Make concessions: demonstrate care and empathy. Be strategic and authentic about the concessions, use them to create reciprocity, they must be in the favour of the recipient, have them limited by numbers or time bound.

3. Celebrate what you want more of: amplify more of what you want. Don’t be afraid to respectfully exclude, making everyone happy won’t work – if you sit in the middle of the road you’ll get run over, explain the ‘why’.

4. Build trust: if the previous points are done right trust will evolve. Show your workings, be consistent, be aware of the CCC (care, capability, credibility) of trust.

5. No weird cats! Protect the team, high standards on the way in, lead with strong standards and boundaries. Stick to your agreements and credibility.

6. Loss motivation: we are triggered by what we are likely to lose, ask about losses – real and perceived, explain circumstances – what are you likely to lose by coming in again.

7. The 4 laws: we are born to thrive in tribes, the tribe decides the hierarchy, the hierarchy decides the rules, the rest of us play by the rules so we don’t get kicked out.

Panel Speakers:

Image by Chris Hewgill – Scotty Schindler, Dr Cath Cosgrave, Ben Archer, Owen Lednor

Scotty Schindler (host): Street smart entrepreneur, international advisor, speaker and mentor, based in Sawtell.
Dr Cath Cosgrave: A rural changemaker, strategic advisor, researcher and evaluator, based in Bellingen.
Ben Archer: Career Advisor at Taree Universities Centre, and Lecturer in Career Development with James Cook University.
Owen Lednor: Director of Care for The Shoreline, based in Coffs Harbour.

  • In order to keep people, you need to look after the new arrivals including the needs of their families (the kids need to be in the right schools, the person’s spouse needs to have access to work, and they need to have a place to live).
  • Don’t be a rubbish employer (if you have a less than 12 month staff turnover, you need to have a good look at your workplace).
  • Offer your employees a decent career trajectory, with education opportunities and assistance with career and succession planning.
  • Explore age groups that are different from your usual focus. We talk a lot about attracting young people, but older demographics come with a lot of useful soft skills, and they are usually more committed to a location.
  • People mostly don’t leave their jobs: they leave their bosses (or their toxic workplaces).
  • Attracting people to live and work in the region can be a tough gig: wages are higher in the cities and often there is less work pressure because the load is shared among more people – BUT the lifestyle attraction of the regions is undeniable.
  • Involve your marketing team in recruitment – every job ad is an advertisement for your organisation.
  • ‘Entitlement recruitment’ – it’s not just about what your potential employee can offer you; it’s just as much about what you as an employer can offer your potential employee.

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