Ignite 2018 Panel 1 – “What are the hallmarks of good design and why should we care?”

Host of Panel 1 is Film Festival Director. Mental health advocate, Lifelong movie tragic.
Dave Horsley is passionate about cinema’s power to connect people.
Based in Coffs Harbour, Dave has developed a thriving film scene by founding the Screenwave International Film Festival (SWIFF) and is now on a new journey activating film scenes in regional communities across Australia through his new venture Film Outreach Australia

Rick Flowers is interested in the role of education in regional, community and economic development. Through his research and teaching he has worked with schools, vocational, community education providers, and universities. Rick’s publications revolve around the theme of harnessing the educational dimension of diverse organisations and players to drive innovation and change.

Adam Doyle is an Industrial Designer who has working with startups through to global corporations to bring innovative products to market which have gone onto be awarded multiple Australian International Design Awards. Leaving behind his capital city job, Adam and his family returned to his hometown of Coffs Harbour and started the region’s 1st Industrial Design consultancy in 2011. Not only did Adam survive the supposed backwards step, but thrived in a region hungry for innovation. As a founding member, and now Design Manager of tech startup Black Moth Vision Systems, Adam drives the development of rugged, market-leading heavy vehicle vision and machine learning technology. Proof that living in a well connected regional city is no barrier to success. 



Thea O’Connor is a senior advisor on workplace health and wellbeing. She has over 25 years experience in health promotion, including in the areas of nutrition, body image, workplace health and sleep science.  In uses her skills in facilitation, coaching and presenting to help workplace leaders, teams and individuals  adopt healthy, sustainable work habits and norms.

A passionate advocate for disrupting last century’s work ethic, Thea champions the concept of BQ – body intelligence. She believes body intelligence is key to help workers not just survive but thrive in the fourth industrial revolution.  

Thea is also a Naptivist- agitating to normalise the power nap for the sake of our professional and personal sustainability.  

Thea presents at national and international conferences and is frequently contacted by local and national ABC radio to comment on issues related to health, wellbeing and the workplace.


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