How do I attract the right people to work for me?

Are you having trouble finding the right people for your business or organisation? Would you like to keep the good people you have longer? Try asking yourself these questions:

Know who your desired candidate is: 

  • What skills are non-negotiable?
  • What attitude am I hoping to bring to the workplace?
  • Does the candidate fit the organisational culture?
  • Is the candidate responsive to training opportunities?

Check your marketing: 

  • Who is my marketing aimed at? Does it target the desired candidate?
    Think: age, gender, education, families.
  • Where am I advertising?
    Think: are my potential staff members seeing it?
  • Do I have a marketing plan?
    Think: Have I thought through the strategies and options? 
  • Do I need help in this area?
    Think: social media training, basic marketing. 
  • What kind of reputation does my business/organisation have with potential staff?
    Hint: have you checked your Google and Facebook reviews lately?

How do you recruit? 

  • Is it worth investing more upfront in quality staff recruitment and save in the long run with lower turnover?
    Think: how much does it cost to train a new staff member?  
  • What is my interview process?
    Think: Does it need updating? 
  • What are other people in my industry doing?
  • Do you conduct exit interviews?

How do you onboard new staff? 

  • Do I have clear, consistent, and streamlined onboarding processes?
  • Do I have good mentors within my business/organisation who can look after new employees?
  • Do I have clear expectations of my staff and each job role, and how do I communicate those to my new staff?
  • Do I allow enough time for my new employees to learn the job?

How do you make sure your new employees are a good fit? 

  • How do I ensure my employees have the right skills for the job?
  • What are the 5 key values of my organisation?
    Think: How do I make sure my employees share these values? 
  • How do I invest in my employees?
    Think: Why is my organisation a great place to work? 
  • Why do my staff work for me?
    Hint: what motivates my current team? 
  • Why do my staff leave?

How open are you to employing different types of people from your normal cohort? 

  • Who would I normally not hire?
    Think: Why? 
  • Do I give people a go?
    Hint: How do I respond when people make mistakes? 
  • Am I prepared to think outside the square?



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