Housing: What’s going on?

With housing affordability still a dire issue across the Mid North Coast, RDAMNC will maintain our focus on the area of housing in 2022.

Numerous groups are already working across the region in the area of homelessness and while this is an area that is of great concern for us, our work will focus on housing for ‘key workers’ – people who are driving our caring, hospitality and agricultural industries who are being pushed out of the rental and home ownership markets due to lack of availability and soaring prices.

In 2022 we will explore and deliver the following:

  • How can we think about using our domestic spaces differently?
    • Housing film: RDAMNC will produce a film on this matter, set to be launched in August 2022. The film will explore six different domestic situations that are slightly different to the ‘norm’. If you’d like to showcase your share housing, tiny home, multi-generational living or other housing situation GET IN TOUCH.
    • Key worker accommodation survey: Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast would like to better understand how this impacts key workers (defined as: critical worker or essential worker is a public-sector or private-sector employee who is considered to provide an essential service.)  HERE
    • Housing forum: Earlier this week RDAMNC invited a group of people representing business, community, not for profits and government to brainstorm what a quarterly online housing forum could look like. Collectively we’ve determined it would be a great space to discuss innovation in housing models, project collaboration, collaborative advocacy, networking and troubleshooting. Interested? GET IN TOUCH.
    • Webinars: RDAMNC will run a series of webinars on housing in June/July 2022. The webinars will feature a range of people representing business, government and community. If you want to get involved get in touch.
  • How can we link up the great work that’s happening across the region?
    • Website: Using our website as a portal, RDAMNC is currently building a list of the housing groups already operating in the Mid North Coast, the relevant plans and strategies and any events. Collaboration is the only way this wicked problem will be solved.
  • How can we better advocate for Mid North Coast centric solutions to housing affordability?
    • Leadership: RDAMNC stays in regular contact with our regional leaders and in 2022 this will be backed up with a new quarterly report to the region. This report will highlight key challenges, opportunities, data and priorities across a range of themes – housing being one of them. The first report will be produced in February. It will be published on our website and through social media platforms.
    • Ad-hoc reporting. RDAMNC has a strong reputation for providing up to date, localised information to our Commonwealth and State partners, particularly in times of crisis. We will continue this work as pertinent matters, Parliamentary enquiries and other opportunities arise in 2022.
    • Mid North Coast Regional Plan: RDAMNC will produce a regional plan for the Commonwealth Government in 2022. Housing will be a key feature in this plan.

If you want to be involved in any of the abovementioned projects contact our CEO, Kerry Grace via email or phone our office on (02) 5525 1500.

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