Affordable housing for essential workers on the Mid North Coast

Housing affordability continues to be an acute issue across the Mid North Coast with the price of rentals and mortgages soaring out of the reach of many people who live and work in the region. 

Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast (RDAMNC) has an important advocacy role in the region and is looking to maintain their focus on housing in 2022. 


“Affordable housing for essential workers (people who drive our caring, hospitality and agricultural industries) continues to be one of our key focus areas for this year. These people are being pushed out of the rental and home ownership markets with dire consequences for business and service delivery across the region.”
Kerry Grace, CEO of RDAMNC. 


RDAMNC has an ambitious program of events and programs in 2022, aimed at gathering information, encouraging collaboration, and showcasing existing innovative solutions. 


“We are producing a Housing film to be launched in August this year, exploring alternative ways of living and to help us start thinking about our homes differently. RDAMNC is also conducting a key worker accommodation survey, to assist us to understand what the problems are, and how they are affecting essential workers. Lastly, we will be hosting a series of housing-related webinars featuring a range of people representing business, government and community, with the aim of exploring new and existing housing solutions.”
Kerry Grace, CEO of RDAMNC. 


There is also work to be done at a federal and state level, with RDAMNC continuing to advocate for tax-based solutions to the housing crisis. 


“We need to carefully examine our tax and social security systems and the role it plays in limiting opportunities for affordable housing. For example, there are significant disincentives for people to downsize or take on boarders, as well as the extra costs in stamp duty and GST.”
Kieren Dell, RDAMNC Chair.  

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