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Last week I mentioned I’d write a little more about my thoughts on collaborative practice and planning.

If you’ve applied for funding lately it will be very likely you’ve been asked to provide examples of ways in which your proposed project addresses collaboration, or at the very least how it demonstrates partnerships.

I see a lot of sense in this requirement, but quite frankly an agreement to collaborate (read work together) is not worth the paper it’s written on unless it is actually monitored and evaluated.

I’ve witnessed many varieties of collaboration in practice through the years, the strongest examples remaining focused on the end goal engendering harmonious working partnerships (even when the individuals may not like one another), sharing resources and following an agreed upon plan of action.

Such examples truly create positive growth, reach their goals, save money and other resources and are more sustainable over the longer term.

Is this your experience of working with others?  Would be great to hear your thoughts HERE

Collaborative practice is important to RDAMNC and one recent example is our newly formed partnership with a cluster of early childhood learning providers in the Macleay.  We are very excited about this project and will provide more details in the very near future.

Out and about

Elizabeth McGregorThis week I met with North Coast TAFE Institute Director Elizabeth McGregor (pictured left).  The landscape for TAFE employees of recent years has been dynamic (some may say volatile) as the public education provider has undertaken internal change processes in order to align to a new business environment.

But the State is still a strong supporter of TAFE, so said Minister Barilaro at the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce lunch on Wednesday.  The Minister covered a range of topics from payroll tax, and a concept he’d like to see implemented which incentivises businesses to move to regional areas by offering payroll tax incentives for regional business to new funding available via the State aimed to stimulate business (more on that soon).MartinWillis

Late in the week I met with a local land owner (Martin Willis pictured right) and discussed some ideas he has for activating his Repton based property for agricultural purposes.  Are you a land owner that would like to activate your farm but not sure where to begin?  Contact us HERE

Next week I’ll be heading for the big smoke, something I plan to do a lot more of in the new year as RDAMNC gets out and about to promote our existing – and future business potential to those not already converted about the magnificence of the Mid North Coast.. Stay tuned…

Kerry03Have a great week,


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