Our Champions of Food

Our Champions of Food

Our Champions of Food Click the image to the left to view Our Champions of Food (Mid North Coast) as an interactive Flipbook or else click the link below to download the publication (PDF).

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What is Our Champions of Food?

RDA, like many others, sees great potential for food production in our region. This regional food industry is worth $1.5 billion per annum. It employs more than four and a half thousand people and contributes around 15% of our region’s exports. It’s a sector worth investing in!

To see this industry grow, we need to move beyond being a commodity producer to being a business entrepreneur with a labelled, packaged product to sell to the world. That requires a whole new set of skills and a new way of thinking.

Fortunately, there are industry champions out there who are already leading the way and in this industry showcase we’ve highlighted many of these businesses as examples of what can be achieved.

Our Champions of Food showcases some of the most innovative food producers and agribusinesses across the Mid North Coast, from large scale manufacturers to boutique producers. We invite you to be inspired by what’s already happening in our local food industry.

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