Job Pathways

It’s not always easy to find work in the regions. With many jobs advertised by word of mouth and a whole bunch of different support services in the marketplace it’s little wonder people are confused about where to start.

RDAMNC has developed several initiatives which aim to break down the barriers between people who are looking for jobs and employers. While this work is in its early stages we encourage you to stay tuned as it is a priority for our organisation. Stay tuned via our Facebook group (MNC Job Pathways) here

Industry Blueprints

In 2017 RDAMNC created a range of industry blueprints which were designed to provide a snapshot of various industries for students and their parents. To date the blueprints have been created for construction, aged care, disabilities and tourism.

For further information and to access printable copies of the blueprints visit this link







RDAMNC delivered the Foundation for Young Australian’s (FYA) $20Boss program in partnership with Macksville High School in 2017. 15 young people initiated 5 businesses one of which was a finalist in the National $20Boss competition.

We are currently on the look out for schools that would like to participate in the program in 2019. To find out more get in touch here. To learn more about the Foundation for Young Australians $20Boss program visit this link.

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