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MNC Youth Pathways Initiative

In 2018 Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast will commence the MNC Youth Pathways Initiative. The initiative has been designed to enable work opportunities for young people by simplifying linkages between industry, schools, support services, community and (of course) young people.

If you are an employer who is interested in engaging young people in your workforce from work experience to employment please contact us here

Youth Pathways toolkit






Industry Blueprints

In 2017 RDAMNC created a range of industry blueprints which were designed to provide a snapshot of various industries for students and their parents. To date the blueprints have been created for construction, aged care, disabilities and tourism.

For further information and to access printable copies of the blueprints visit this link


RDAMNC delivered the Foundation for Young Australian’s (FYA) $20Boss program in partnership with Macksville High School in 2017. 15 young people initiated 5 businesses one of which was a finalist in the National $20Boss competition.

In 2018 RDAMNC will support schools to deliver the program throughout the region. The FYA has agreed to RDAMNC running a discrete MNC $20Boss initiative alongside the broader national initiative.

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