Opportunities Galore Feb 2018

Mapping Agricultural Land Landholders, farmers and those involved in agriculture are invited to attend an upcoming workshop in Taree or Gloucester to contribute to a NSW Government project to map important agricultural land and assist in land use planning. The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) – Agriculture is partnering with MidCoast Council to identify […]

Skills Audit – Highlights – Anna Thompson

Anna Thompson – Programme Manager – Ability Links MNC What are some of the skills and attributes that are required to work in your organisation? “We need really strong communication, we need a good imagination and creative kind of ways of approaching things, but also to be really great at bringing people onboard and engaging […]

Opportunities Galore

Two fantastic opportunities that may be of interest… YMCA Youth Parliament Each year the YMCA provides the Youth Parliament (YP) leadership event and it would be great to have some strong representation from the Mid North Coast in 2018.  The program includes two great camps in Sydney with youth from all over NSW, a chance […]

We are hiring: Regional Investment Officer, Norfolk Island

Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast (RDAMNC) seeks an experienced economic development and investment practitioner on Norfolk Island (NI) to create local jobs, attract investment and grow the island economy. The position offers a rewarding opportunity to live and work on Norfolk Island and contribute significantly to the prosperity and well-being of the local community […]

Until 2018…

The RDAMNC office will be closed until 22 January 2018. During this time please direct any inquiries directly to our CEO, Kerry Grace via email Wishing you a safe and joyous break and see you in the new year… Oh – by the way, our Facebook page will be filled with local content, links to […]

Important changes to child care fee assistance

Did you know from July 2018 there will be changes to child care fee assistance? The new arrangements will mean that child care will be more affordable for most Australian families. In fact, most lower and middle-income families that are eligible will receive a higher subsidy than they do now. Key facts to be aware of: […]

Direct Taree to Sydney air service soon to commence

It’s great news for the MidCoast community as FlyPelican prepares to commence direct flights between Taree and Sydney from Monday 29 January 2018. The partnership with Pelican Airlines, operating as FlyPelican, comes off the back of Regional Express (REX) announcing last week its intention to cease operating out of Taree from Saturday 28 January 2018. […]

Five tips to ease into the Christmas break

It’s Christmas time again.  A time of good cheer, festive spirit, relaxation and good will among all men. And then there’s reality. Let’s face it.  Christmas is also a time of long, long, long to do lists, cramming in as much as is humanly possible before everything comes to a grinding halt, frayed nerves brought […]

What is shared value and why should your business care about it?

Shared value is “the principle of sharing value which involves creating economic value in a way that also creates value for society by addressing the needs and challenges” Porter and Kramer Today I attended the Shared Value workshop in Coffs Harbour facilitated by Phil Preston. Phil prefaced the conversation by highlighting the difference between value […]

CHCC News – Cultural and Civic Space – For the Heart of the City

Plans to bring the new CBD cultural and civic space to life are moving forward quickly so Council has launched an online portal to keep the community informed and up-to-date on progress. “The new ‘Cultural and Civic Space – For the Heart of the City’ is a major focus for our overall strategy to transform the CBD […]

Hot Tips for Grant Writing

Needs some help for your next funding application? Look no further…

What’s in the budget for the Mid North Coast?

Unless you are living under a rock – and maybe not even then with the massive push on the development of infrastructure throughout Australia, you’ll have heard at least a little about the Federal Government’s 2017 budget which was released on Tuesday 9 May. The Regional Australia Institute describes the budget as being all about ‘new […]

Regional Australia is HOT PROPERTY

Senator Fiona Nash spoke at the Building Regional Australia Summit in Nambucca Heads last week. There’s a lot of talk about relocating to Regional Australia at the moment. Want to know more? check out the following clips recorded at the event. Part 1 Part 2 Image from

MNC Infrastructure priorities

What are the infrastructure priorities of the Mid North Coast?  The following list was compiled with local government and key industry groups.  Do you have something to add?  Please add to the list by emailing 10_4 MNC Regional Infrastructure priorities

How important is skills portability?

Most people in the Australian workforce now accept and understand that jobs come and go and that shifting sands is the new norm across many industries. And that is not to mention the rise of contract, part-time and casual work arrangements that do not add to feelings of confidence of employment certainty, nor under-employment which […]

Across The Region

Festive season.  What festive season?  If it wasn’t for the Christmas bling strewn through our streets and shops I’d think it was just another time of the year, only turbo charged.  Are you also trying to cram in last minute meetings, work tasks and planning?  Or, are you one of the sensible ones gracefully wrapping […]

Across The Region

So, last week I mentioned a sneak peek about RDAMNC’s projects in 2017. Here is a little teaser… In 2017 our team has selected five core campaigns to guide our work and the development of partnerships surrounding the regional plan (which will be released in February).  The themes of the campaigns are: invest, innovate, return, […]

Across The Region

Summer has come early across the region and there is certainly a festive feeling in the air.  Christmas trees are popping up everywhere and early sightings of Santa have been reported.  (on the Santa note, I can’t work out why some smart designer hasn’t created a more Aussie style suit for the poor guy, or […]

Across The Region

What better way to start a week than the Mid North Coast Food Forum at Bonville Golf Club.  Farmers, industry and supporting partners gathered to share yarns, showcase produce and create linkages to better the food industry in the Mid North Coast. Food, or more specifically agriculture from growing to value adding and tourism is […]

Across The Region

This week I spent several days in the bustling business environment of North Sydney where I cut my teeth as an advertising executive way back when. I noticed the tired, expressionless faces board the jam packed public transport services en route to places of work and rest and indulged in conversations designed for eavesdropping with […]

Across The Region

Last week I mentioned I’d write a little more about my thoughts on collaborative practice and planning. If you’ve applied for funding lately it will be very likely you’ve been asked to provide examples of ways in which your proposed project addresses collaboration, or at the very least how it demonstrates partnerships. I see a […]

Across The Region

Region borders I recently journeyed to Forster to meet Glenn Handford, Interim GM of the newly formed Mid Coast Council.  I’ve been curious to see how the new Council is coming together and what the implications will be for our region, in particular Taree which is currently a part of the RDAMNC region. Not sure […]

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